The children scream for Hero's Cold Deli Sandwiches, but Mom and Dad crave six different choices of great-tasting Phillys. You can have it both ways at HERO Deli in Fremont, Nebraska.

For 30 years we have worked hard to create wonderful Traditional Deli subs to satisfy any craving. We serve a full menu of Cold Deli Sandwiches, Phillys, Salads, Nacho Plates and Gyros. You will also find delicious Italian foods every time you call or visit our locally owned and operated restaurant at 1900 East Military Ave. in Fremont’s Parkview Center, East of Memorial Stadium. There is something for everyone!

You will find a complete selection of Cold Beverages and Coffee. Desserts include Brownies and Cookies.

We deliver every day in the greater Fremont area. Call 402-727-1333. Our party room is also available. Just call to reserve.

We offer Catering services that include Three-Foot Sandwiches and Sandwich Trays.

Gambino's Pizza

Besides our wonderful Cold Deli Subs and Philly Sandwiches, we are co-branded with Gambino's Pizza and have a delicious Italian menu.

Gambino's offers more toppings, more taste and more value!

We have several kinds of Pizza, Subs, Pasta, Hot Wings and a Fresh Salad Bar. Always fast and fresh. Gambino's is great for grabbing a quick bite of good food.

You're Gonna Love It! Order Now!


"This place is fantastic. Friendly staff, huge menu, and everything is made to order and tastes great."

- Clayton Smith via Google